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It always feels weird, writing these things about yourself. So what can I say?? I'm a multi-instrumentalist who's been playing since the age of 6. Primary instruments: piano/organ/e.piano, bass (acoustic & electric), drums I was once a classical pianist, but ditched that scene for Rock, The Beatles, and everything else. I studied at Berklee College of Music and there found my love of jazz, world music and arranging in various styles. As a recording engineer, I've made several hundred records in over 30 different styles. While I've got quite a few releases (digitally) in various styles, I currently write a lot of children's/kids music, inspired by the old 70s educational show, Schoolhouse Rock. Biggest influences: Beatles, Doors, Cream, The Who, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Arthur Brown, Chet Baker, Count Basie, Lalo Schifrin, Modern Jazz Quartet, Oscar Peterson, MIles Davis, Jimmy McGriff, Billy Preston, Marc Bolan, Brian Wilson, Hubler/Schwab