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Silas and Saski are uniting in collaboration with a songful blend of transcendental harmonies forming a new super breed of ethereal space music. Emerging fully formed from the shadows they bring us their debut EP ‘Power of Three’. With a heightened sense of vision they climb to new levels of awareness through harmonic exploration. Sharing a common belief in the uplifting power and healing qualities of music, they turn to the inexhaustible beauty of the infinite. Silas Neptune is a unique and accomplished musician, widely known for his role as synth player for the cult indie band Ozric Tentacles. His solo album ‘The Scales of Tahuti’ further showcases his seamless and evocative sense for melodies and harmony. With a range of instruments at his fingertips including synth, guitar, Turkish saz and bass, Silas experiments with soundscapes that open windows of imaginative perception. Saskia Maxwell is a singer, guitarist, flutist and dancer. With a voice of haunting beauty she tells timeless stories that explore truth and revelation, gently provoking us to look into our own selves and question the universe around us. Born into a musical family she grew up through a world of folk. She has toured extensively across the UK performing hundreds of solo acoustic gigs and was classically trained on guitar and flute from a young age. Silas & Saski are about to venture into the unknown. Join them now to see their story unfold… And so it begins…