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Caulbearers are a Manchester-based collective of musicians, but with contributors also hailing from around the UK &

Europe. Based on the songs of producer & vocalist Damien Mahoney, their sound has been described as “archaic funk fables and soul migrations… bittersweet songs of the self, soul and society” and “roots music from the rainy city… psychedelic soul with poetic, social observation.” The 8-piece ensemble weave together elements of hip-hop, funk, dub, soul and jazz, with plenty of grit and discord in the mix. Caulbearers’ rhythms, arrangements and soundscapes are hugely inspired by many forms of electronic music but are solely channelled through the use of live instruments. The lyrics and sound worlds invite the listener to explore the frailties and contradictions of our minds, the difficulties of the societies we create and inherit, yet also the celebration of this existence, of each other. This music reflects Manchester’s melting pot of culture and unashamedly draws from that rich heritage, but its influences and inspirations extend out globally. With previous releases via Jack To Phono Records and Single Cell Collective, brand new material is due out in 2020 with a full album to follow in 2021. Incredible singer Ruth Blake joins Damien on vocals throughout the album, which also features members of Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath, GoGo Penguin, Homelife, The Earlies, Cherry Ghost & Beats & Pieces Big Band.