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Though Skyconqueror emerged in the late 90s from the surroundings of Münster (North Western Germany) after having been founded by Hellduke and Messiah Of Evil the band never made it out of the underground. After releasing three demos called “STREAK OF LIGHTNING”, “SILVER HAZE RISING” and „FORGED IN HELL“ over the course of the first 6 years it was only that the first full length cd was released after more than a decade in spring of 2008. The album being called “HELLSTORY” featured twelve songs throughout the history of the band. In the following years the band gave a lot of infernal gigs, took part in an underground movie called “Fate and Destruction”, found new inspiration and collected a lot of material. The eleven songs of the CD “UNDER THE PENTAGRAM” were recorded from December 2012 until March 2014 in “The Crypt”-Studio out there in the dark and mysterious landscape of the wild Westfalian countryside. After Hellduke left the band in August 2014, the most recent stable lineup formed. Nick Grave - who had been the singer in the early days - joined again as new bass player. Mayhem, who already had contributed a couple of guitar tracks to UNDER THE PENTAGRAM, switched to play lead and rhythm guitar. Lead vocals were performed by Demondawn and drums were being tormented by Messiah Of Evil. The band has moved to Dortmund Nordstadt to occupy a place for rehearsals there. At that place they are currently recording the successor to UNDER THE PENTAGRAM...