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Alt-country soul from the heart of Appalachia in Russell County, VA. 49 Winchester delivers the poetically straightforward songs of singer/guitarist Isaac Gibson in a soulful electric live show. Rock & roll with roots planted firmly in the traditions of mountain music. "Gibson and his compatriot have made it a point to keep to the basics, be it a blazing combination of drive and defiance, or tears-in-their-beers balladry flush with seething emotion. That’s especially true on the band’s latest outing III a confident collection that gives voice to the band’s pure, unfettered intents." - American Songwriter "When you listen to Isaac Gibson’s evocative voice, it’s hard to imagine him in any other job. His voice is filled with the ache that has fueled countless songs, and it was made to fill dark honky tonks where people want to dance. Beyond that, he has a way of telling a story that makes you pay attention to every word. This is a solid album of 10 songs that is over before you know it. This band takes you on a musical journey that stretches from Appalachia to Bakersfield, and they do it all without a single song that you want to skip.” - Glide Magazine