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Offering uncompromising poetry, profoundly articulate metaphors with dark, grim visions of the real world, Gimson’s music and visuals deliver a refreshing alternative to the watered down mainstream hits of our time. His unnerving social commentaries succeed in lifting the veil – laying bare the harsh and seemingly surreal realities of modern life. 
 An absolute story-teller, driving with captivating conceptual developments, and a voice loaded with passion and alternating delicacy and grit, Gimson reignites the artistry of real music. Subtly blending genres, from trip hop-kissed soundscapes to hard-hitting hip hop verses, utilizing time and space to build intensity – this isn’t simply about fast bars or volume. Gimson is an artist, unconfined by industry expectation. Whatever the moment requires, he permits it the room within which to be fully, honestly explored. 
 Bringing a West Country flavour to UK rap, Gimson’s voice injects character and heart into contemporary music. Presenting intricate creations that often push the five-minute mark, his short films capture attention with ease. Comparisons quickly fall away – these stories pour through with unabashed realness and force.