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L.A.-based singer/songwriter Kerry Hart has a voice like no other: an instrument at turns elegantly controlled and utterly unbridled, made all the more mesmerizing by her lavishly detailed and largely acoustic sound. With her songwriting inspired by playwrights like Tennessee Williams and Lanford Wilson, Hart embeds her lyrics with hard-won insight, enveloping that wisdom in her endlessly warm delivery. Hart’s powerful presence stems from years of passionate dedication to her craft. While working in philanthropy and startups for over a decade, she learned to play guitar and at one point wrote a song a week for a whole year—all while undoing her college training as an opera singer and uncovering her distinct vocal style. The result of all that care and conviction, Hart’s full-length debut I Know a Gun arrives as a truly singular body of work. Made with her longtime bandmates Nick Rosen and Léo Costa, the album unfolds in transportive melodies and sweeping arrangements suggesting a Celtic folk influence, yet bears an edgy complexity entirely unique to Hart and her extraordinary vision.