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“Up-and-coming reggae band Bombafiya, based out of Santa Barbara California, just released their first full-length album Do What makes You Happy! The band consists of lead vocals and guitarist Collin Daniels, secondary singer Benicia Grace, bassist Eddie Koep, drummer Mark Rojas and keyboardist Emmanuel Oliva, all offering a true reggae rock-infused sound. 
 Bombafiya sets apart from other reggae artists, with their upbeat, heartfelt, rockin’ and meaningful lyrics. Bombifya’s 12-track debut is one of reggae consciousness, wrapped in uplifting horns and dub vibes. From “The Light” at the top of the album, all the way to the ending track “There With You”, Bombfiya is here to help you fight negativity. They “Believe in the Music” — that sweet, “Sweet Reggae”. For those struggling to get their summer off on a good start, allow Bombafiya to realign your chakras with helpful messages in between shredding guitar licks.” -

- Gunnar Velten, Top Shelf Music 
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