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"When Venus Weeps" were born in Milan, Italy in 2016. They have an emotional post-hardcore sound influenced by the background of each member of the band. For several years the predominance of glam influences featured the sound of Chazz Shirley, Steve Stecca and Myron Ianny. Trying to create a more modern sound, inspired by the last decade of metalcore bands, Cris di Capua joined the wVw project as drummer. The band gave life to their debut album "With This, I Let You In", published in 2018, followed by the the cover of "Spotlight" by Marshemello x Lil Peep and a Deluxe Edition of the debut album in 2020 featured the singles "Reborn (Reloaded)" ft. DVRKO13, "N.B.E." ft xDiemondx and "The Flight Of Icarus" prod Marax. When Venus Weeps announced a line-up change in 2021 with the release of "Lies (Acoustic)" welcoming Jody Brioschi as new drummer. Their poetic soul of composition, reflected in the lyrics, shows the emotional aspect of a group in balance between beauty and sadness. When Venus Weeps shared the stage with bands like Bad Omens, Polaris, Unprocessed, Siamese and many more.