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Do you ever look around and think “something’s not right with all of this...”? So does songwriter Jake Aaron Ward. Watch Me Breathe is his musical quest to answer his most burning questions and find meaning in a modern world that is often starved for it. Incorporating both musical styles and teachings from all over the world, Ward is an avid student of world history and culture. The music is the product of a relentless search for what lies at the very heart of the human experience. With a unique blend of engaging rhythms, melancholy chords, and boyish tenor vocals, Watch Me Breathe will immediately register with any of us who went through an “emo” phase in years past. However, where one might normally find distorted guitars and lyrics about heartbreak and self-loathing, one instead finds African percussion samples, instruments from multiple continents, and lyrical references to things like Rumi poetry or Chomsky’s criticisms of capitalism. At once both intellectual and emotional, this band provides the soundtrack for seekers, deep thinkers, and adventurers everywhere.