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Singer, songwriter, musician, producer and radio show host of “Make a Scene Canada” on Pacific Northwest Radio. Cherelle has been recording, performing and producing music since 1995 and her body of work includes 12 independent cds. Starting off as a solo artist, Cherelle recorded 4 solo albums, “Born Naked” 1996, “Something Good is Happening 1998”, “Bleeding Water 2001” and” Head Traffic 2006”. In 2009 Cherelle formed a band with her daughter Ajaye Jardine - called The Jardines.

The Jardines released their 1st cd at the Olympics, titled “The Jardines” and in 2012 released " Someone's Stolen Tuesday". In 2011, Cherelle, Marc Gladstone, Scott Jackson formed Stone Poets - a modern folk trio and have recorded to date 4 cds and 2 new singles. In 2015, Cherelle took on an alter ego Lyric and formed the rock band HEAD with Marc Gladstone. HEAD released it's 1st cd Afraid to Sleep Feb 2016 and it's 2nd cd “Dear Father” April 2018. Cherelle produces a radio show on Pacific Northwest Radio called “Make a Scene Canada”. MASC airs every Tuesday night at 7 pm PST. Cherelle is the Marketing/Promotional Director of Pacific Northwest Radio and is President of Laser Beam Music which is a boutique management company for artists Ajaye Jardine, Stone Poets, Abandon Paris, HEAD, Zed Productions, Pacific Northwest Radio, Make a Scene