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Ann Arbor, Michigan-based singer/songwriter Mike Gentry truly treasures the power of music and when he performs, he’s essentially a generator of its empathic energies. Gentry is in his element when he’s sharing his blends of folk odes and Americana-rock ballads with a room of perfect strangers. He appreciates each performance as another opportunity to forge profound connections with his audience through relatable experiences. Gentry has a vibrant personality that makes itself evident in the charismatic banter and anecdotes he shares between songs—but that’s all part of what feeds into the luminosity of his songs and his live sets. More than that, his ear-to-ear smile not only offsets some of the poetic catharsis and heart-weary coping manifested in his music, but that eruptive laugh of his represents a gladness—a gladness to be here, with his guitar, affably holding court over a roomful of music lovers. There have been more than a few formidable bumps along Gentry’s road—some of which you’ll hear about on his new self-titled album, others of which you can learn through intimate retellings threaded throughout his concerts. He’s glad—and that gladness tends to catch on easy when you hear his songs. - Jeff Milo 2018