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Jamie Freya is a Serial Entrepreneur, Retail Buyer, and Holistic Enthusiast based in the United States. She has roots in southern queer/ trans activism and radical self care practices. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in Gary , Jamie studied fashion merchandising, skincare, and media since the age of 17 before ultimately forging a unique niche as a self made community leader. A black woman of trans experience who credits meditation and spirituality as her greatest teachers. 
 In late 2016, she suffered massive losses both personally and professionally due to domestic abuse and drug addiction. After multiple setbacks, it was her personal online brands and meditative practices that centered her return to clarity in Atlanta, GA. Jamie Freya currently advocates for black expression and femme empowerment throughout the diaspora and United States. 
 https://shopjamiefreya.com/ https://shockkitty.com/ https://meditativesouls.com/