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Unearthly thunder and a driving kick-drum can be heard from the depths of the bunker. Stale concrete, endless corridors and the lack of natural daylight - a daunting place. The surrounding, bleak and tight, make this the ideal birthplace for the very individual sound(under)world of FUER DEN FAEHRMANN. An angry mixture of raw energy, modern sound and subtle insanity don't sneak up, they straightforward kick your eardrums down. Thick electronic beats, ground shaking guitars, bottomless bass, cutting synths and bellowing vocals push aside the last of genre-boarders. With seeming less ease, Doom and Industrial are entwined in this unholy union. This - in an effort of complete DIY - is a musical and lyrical Armageddon, which will let the last of your hopes for humanity fade. Emotional and autobiographical till it hurts, yet unruly and brutal, an undesired truth or punch in the face. The trio from Hamburg have created the soundtrack for the impending Apocalypse, which will leave the last of the auditorium with a bad taste on their tongues, as they leave in to cold, starless night. John - Vocals Mat - Synths Martin - Guitar