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The Merles are an original, classic country band based out of Austin, TX featuring Todd Deatherage, Mike Simms, Phil Spencer, and Matt Winegardner. The group strives to create an old school, traditional sound that echoes the memories of yesterday's country. Their debut record, Hate To Say Goodbye (2017), was recorded and engineered by Britton Beisenhertz at Ramble Creek Studios in Austin, TX. The album was produced by Britton Beisenhertz and The Merles, and contains 14 original songs about heartache, love lost, honky-tonks, and well, drinking. Guest artists include Basil McJagger (The Derailers), Geoff Queen (Hayes Carll), Eddie Dickerson (Curtis Grimes), and Michael St. Clair (Polyphonic Spree). Their new EP, Middle of the Night (release date 9/22/2020), was recorded, mixed, and produced by Don Cento (Sarah Jaffe) at Centones. This recording was started pre-COVID and finished in the midst of the pandemic via remote and socially distant recording. It contains six songs about insomnia, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. An amazing cast of regulars also appears on this recording - Chris McElrath (James Hand) on guitar, Ileana Nina (Drew Fish) on fiddle, Sarah Ulloa (Rent Party) on backing vocals, and bassist Justin Filor on soaring high harmonies.