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There’s a space between the full blast of life and the complete stillness inside. A space from where one looks out just as much as one looks in. One has to want to be in that place, in fact, it’s hard to find and once there, it’s not always comfortable. Then again, it’s not meant to be comfortable, it’s meant to fulfill. My Glorious is the calling, the quest and the journey to this place. The songs passing from the inside to the outer world, from the wild outside to the fragile heart. Founded 2008, Sami Goodenough along with twins Gregor and Paul Sailer have lost nothing of their vision that one day they will arrive. It started with music and there will always be music. 2008 EP - Leper 2010 Album - Home Is Where The Heart Breaks (Independent Music Award Winner) 2011 Album - Inside My Head Is A Scary Place (Newcomer of the Year iTunes) 2014 Album - Hold What We Can Hold 2017 Single - The Dark Idea 2017 Single - Sexy