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Intars Busulis is a trombonist and musician in a Musical Union Intars Busulis and Abonementa orķestris, which has gained a lot of support and popularity in Latvia and in Russia. Their latest CD “Nākamā pietura” has received a Golden Disc Status few months after its release and in Music Record Awards concert ceremony "Golden Microphone” (2017) group received an award in nomination - Best Concert Recording. And in year 2018, album "Nākamā pietura" received 2 golden microphones in nominations "Best Pop album" and "Best album". All together Intars Busulis has 6 Studio Albums - „Shades of Kiss” (2006), „KINO” (2008), „Akts” (2010), „Citā©” (2013), „Гравитация” (2015), “Nākamā pietura” (2017) and «Следующая остановка» (2018). Abonementa orķestris - Kārlis Lācis, Gints Pabērzs, Edvīns Ozols, Kaspars Grigalis, Kaspars Zemītis, Vineta Elksne, Karīna Tropa, Alise Kante-Onzule.