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A New York-based singer/songwriter with a love of vocal harmony, Rosa writes to open up windows into the unconscious and bring listeners into themselves. While people stay home, searching for meaning in the mess of social media, news, and advertisements, Rosa writes stories of psychological and emotional freedom where no one is buying or selling anything. 
 Combining elements of folk, pop, and classical music, Rosa’s songs lean heavily towards the dark, painful sides of human experience. She believes exploring these parts of ourselves is a way to deep and unconditional love. She sees the kind of beauty she hopes to express in the work of poets and artists like Mary Oliver, Frida Kahlo, and Joan Baez. What emerges are introspective songs based on personal experience, expressing timeless, universal stories. 
 Rosa released her first album ‘In Winter’s Shade’ in 2013. In 2016 she moved to Berlin to write and perform with her cousin as the acoustic duo Mother’s Favorite Daughter. Rosa’s single 'The Swamp' was featured on Berlin's Radioeins Kings Hour, Bree Noble's Women Of Substance Podcast, and Her latest album, 'Drink All The Wine,' will be available on September 18th, 2020. She is represented by the Berlin-based label/collective The Famous Gold Watch.