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The equal-share brain-child of Fantastic Mammals singer Mammalism & guitarist Brad Bordyn, Real Estate Fight was a throwback alt-rock outfit. Landing on drummer Bryan Runkel and bassist extraordinaire Ian Ross, the group finally began crafting a promising sound and persona. Hailing from the same seas as Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, & seminal early-00's rock revivalists; REF sought to join hands hands with Chicago scene sounds coming from the likes of Fall Out Boy. A handful of demos and EP's culminated in 2006's fully-realized 'whatever's weft' LP & the adjacent making-of doc "we don't live here anymore.' Produced, mixed, & mastered by Broken Robots' Anthony J. Baker, 'whatever's left' plays out like a coming-of-age movie - chronicling REF's songwriting moving from paying tribute to influences before journeying into the aggressive, experimental; finally landing in psychedelic zone.

Briefly touring as an opening act for Pop Evil, Real Estate Fight's big break was cut short. They mutually disbanded around the time of the LP's release & keyboardist Matt Richert & bassist Ian Ross departed for their own project, PARAVION. A standalone single "3 AM" would be released posthumously in 2007 with Broken Robots' Anthony J Baker & Lonnie Phillips filling in for the departed bandmates. A reunion of key members led to a short run of shows and a 10-year anniversary deluxe edition of 'whatever's left' was mastered by The Gradwell House, NJ and released by Camp Hopeless. Fin?