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Hailing out of Bergen, Norway, Testpilot consists of five guys who share a passion for energetic music; a definition that stretches in many different directions- from black metal to pop. However, combining their talents with their different musical backgrounds ends up being their main strength. Every song goes through a process where the guys adds layers, unconsciously adding their personal touches, resulting in a song with an unmistakable signature of Testpilot. With an arsenal of groovy, hard hitting, melodic songs, Testpilot is known as one of the more interesting bands coming out of Bergen, Norway. Amongst the library of great rock songs, “Fighting Demons” was voted in as “This year’s rock song 2016” (Voted by Rockman.no’s 25 000 readers). The band has a reputation for giving their all in some insane liveshows. 
 Their latest song “Backyard” is all about the Norwegian term “Janteloven”. “Jantelaw” is a “rule” where you should not think that you’re better or special. Because if you do say you’re better, there will always be someone to say that you’re not. That way we get a negative focus in life that holds us back in the search for something better. Testpilot says fu*k that!!! 
 Testpilot is now getting ready for releasing new songs in the near future.