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Oldschool attitude, newschool sound: Douglas Greed masters the balancing act between raw beats and melody-loving grooves like no other of his profession.

He reliably delivers the entire sound palette of house in his colorful mixes; from dirty-talking Chicago numbers to poisonous acid to vocals-heavy deep house. With his tightly woven mixes, which do without obvious hits, but are still rich in highlights, he becomes a crowd pleaser against his will - the avowed misanthropist is primarily about his own enjoyment behind the decks. His humor is as dry as his bass drums - so it's all just kidding, of course! And it carries over: With his versatile DJ style, Douglas Greed serves the emotional hands-in-the-air moments at the Fusion as well as pumping peak time slots in the sweaty basement hole. His exuberant creativity has always found more than just one form of expression: Douglas Greed is a DJ, radio play author, graphic artist and producer - whether he is for his own band projects Yeah But No and Eating Snow or for other artists on Beats in his studio on Berlin's Holzmarkt screwing around. The Berliner-by-choice has also made a name for himself as a live act, with which, as the architect of the night, he re-measures the boundaries of the dance floor far away from the tight DJ corset. booking: