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A luminous spark of infinite discovery burns with authenticity and honesty: Samantha Able is an artist possessed of an expressive voice revealed through candid lyrics, evocative melodies, eloquent songcraft and graceful musicality. She might seem relatively new in her role of a singer-songwriter, but the New York City resident is a life-long devotee to the power of music. As an actress, Samantha has amassed a diverse resume of film, television and stage credits. Skilled at transforming into multiple characters, with her songs, she is now evolving into her most significant role as she plays herself. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Samantha says that music has always been her first love. “I’ve played piano since I was five. The classical training provides melodic touchstones as she writes melodies. “Classical music can be very complicated, but there is always a very clear distinct melody and a hook that you connect with emotionally,” she says.

An affinity for jazz and musical theater are also influences. Samantha notes that up until now, music has been a private endeavor.