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Valley Lodge is the best rock band basically. You might know them from their wildly popular song "Go," which serves as the theme song to HBO's "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver." Valley Lodge is comprised of singer and guitar player Dave Hill (Witch Taint, Painted Doll), drummer Rob Pfeiffer (Sense Field), guitar player and singer Phil Costello (Witch Taint, Tragedy, Satanicide, Diamondsnake), and bass player man Eddie Eyeball (2 Skinnee J's). Guitar player and founding member John Kimbrough (Walt Mink, Teen Judge, Tenacious D) provides additional rock heat and spiritual guidance via his Los Angeles bunker. It's power pop meets pop rock meets your best friend's parents going out of town when you are sixteen and think that they won't notice if you threw a pool party. Oh, and it's 1978 and you are hooked on glue.