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The music of Christiane Dehmer is touching, moving and right from the heart. Christiane Dehmer is a passioned and professional singer, pianist and composer and has studied music in Germany. Although Christiane has always been a singer as well, she has published mostly touching instrumental pieces as a pianist - often with colorful synthesizer-sounds. For some things there are no words, so she has found a language in music that expresses feelings better than words. Christiane likes people and has a feeling for their dreams and difficulties. In the Corona crisis she started to bring connection and inner peace to people with online concerts. Music against fear. Then she felt that often instrumental music is not enough and that words are needed to help in times of crisis. So the EP „Together“ with 6 songs will come 2020. The piano is in harmony with her warm, recognizable voice, it complements and interprets the lyrics. With vivid synthesizer sounds and grooves. Songs about to go together through challenging times. With compassion and hope. english: deutsch: