J.P. Cregan


  1. 1.
    History of Man
  2. 2.
    In California
  3. 3.
    The Belle of U.S.C.
  4. 4.
    Dreaming in Humidity
  5. 5.
    Pay to Play
Born J.T. Cregan many moons ago in Washington D.C., J.P. achieved early local fame as a child dynamite fisherman, winning multiple televised "Blow-Ups" hosted by WBFF's Captain Chesapeake.
As a teenager, he lived in Arlington, VA, where he spent most of his days running for his life from the now-notorious packs of easily-outraged, extremely caucasian upper-middle class Straight Edge kids that terrorized North Arlington at that time. Then one night, while looking for a place to hide after a Uniform Choice show, J.P. stumbled inside a Tascam Portastudio 424. He hid inside the 424 for 6 months, but his fear of the sobriety-addled Mackayites prevented him from hitting "record" and following his musical dreams. To get out of Arlington alive, he accepted a scholarship to Syracuse University, where he majored in Ars Perfecta Motets, Bob Costas Cosplay, and being savagely beaten by various fraternities. J.P. then moved to Los Angeles to attend a film school founded by the Executive Producer of Howard the Duck. Post-thesis, John went on a 2-year absinthe bender/vision quest, which led to him co-founding Severin Films, known for their industrial training videos. He also began writing for ESPN, but to this day gets no Disney discounts. After years of Janovian Therapy, J.P. finally got over his fear of the Greek System & Youth of Today (actually the same organization) and began recording music. He cut his teeth in two reggae outfits (Dynamite Fraulein, Parklane Twin) before going solo.


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