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On their forthcoming EP, Comfort In Illusion, Head With Wings draws the listener into the isolated, agonizing, and momentarily euphoric struggle for self-actualization amidst the stifling frame of an increasingly unfamiliar world. The collective’s first output since 2018’s From Worry to Shame, presents a concise summation of the group’s collective growth as artists and individuals. The Comfort EP dives deeper into the quartet’s textural and emotive sound exploration with a timely personal narrative of self-discovery and the anxiety of change. The delicate beauty of Comfort was carefully captured by Greg Thomas (END, Misery Signals) and Chris Teti (The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die) at Silver Bullet Studios. Thomas’ spacious, engrossing mix is heightened by Kris Crummett of Interlace Audio’s adept mastering—delivering a shimmering, modern sound that listeners will discover in new ways with each pass. The Comfort EP will also feature a unique release format, with each song being followed by a cinematic companion piece delivered by the remarkably talented Vikram Shankar (Silent Skies, Redemption). The prolific composer, who was heralded for his expressive piano interpretations of songs on FWTS, expands his contributions to the Head with Wings collective with fully reimagined arrangements of each movement of the forthcoming EP. These remixes transform each track’s mood into a palpable visual scene listeners can explore in their own personal way.