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-Electropop Artist Attack in the 26th Zone -Based in Tampere, Finland -I started experimenting with electronic music around the year 2009 when I also introduced a few songs in couple of small Finnish forums. I received good feedback. I was able to do music at home by computer and music software. I like to record vocal tracks alone, because I’m a bit shy and I can’t do that when somebody’s around. I’ve also ended up doing everything else by myself. Later I’ve also found some good partners with whom to produce the music. -A mixture of #electropop, #electronic, #industrial, #rap, #experimental, #minimal and #dark wave. Lyrics are in a central role. I direct my own music videos and have been shooting them in several countries. -I released my first four singles in 2017-2018: "Shower Power", "Black Horse Badge", "How Long was the Wind Blowing" and “In a Forest, by a Lake”. The newest single, "Love a Rolling Stone" is fifth. All the music videos to the previous singles and some more are on Youtube. Music video of Love a Rolling Stone will be released soon. -I started to do gigs in 2018, performing in private and public events. I had gigs first near to my hometown, and in 2019 I performed to another cities in Finland. Now I plan to go abroad and not do gigs in Finland anymore. This corona and personal problems have postponed that step for a while... but just wait, I will come! -I have started to make an EP and an album, too.