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A singer, actress, and model, Ophelie Winter first caught the public's eye in the '90s. She started her professional life as a teen model in the enchanting city of Paris. A few years later she moved from modeling to acting, and then to singing. She is a songbird that can share her musical notes in French or English, to the delight of fans in both countries. Her debut full-length album landed in the music stores in 2000. Ophelie Kleerekoper-Winter was born in Boulogne, France in 1974. Her singing talents and polished good looks came honestly from her family's genetic pool; Her mother was a former fashion model, her father a one-time pop singer. Winter was only a toddler when her parents divorced. Her mother stayed in France, but her father moved to the United States, where Winter joined him. She didn't return to Paris to live until she was nearly 18. After some modeling, she moved on to acting, appearing in a few French movies between 1996 and 1999, and doing some work on television shows also. For 2000 she released a debut album, No Soucy, under the Wea International Records label. Some of the dance-pop tracks from her first full-length offering are "Face to Face," "Let the River Flow," "Revolution for Love," and "Shame on You." ~ Charlotte Dillon