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another of many unrecognized musicians,artists, and songwriters out there wanting to be heard, 5 years ago at 36 years old i found myself a homeless heroin addict incapable of accepting the life of routine and normalcy that I felt society expected of me. Deciding that life was too short to waste another second going to a job that I hated and working for greedy people with no morals only to make a paycheck to fund a life that I hated, I packed a bag and walked away from it all. Going cold turkey, and getting clean, i re-evaluated what I felt was important in life, and decided that I would spend the rest of my life on my art. Since that day 5 years ago, I’ve recorded about a 1500 songs, written maybe 3 albums

worth, made 111 music videos all on youtube, have hand-painted what will be the Guinness books largest card pyramid when the other half of my deck of 4 ft plywood playing cards is finished which I display at music festivals. Proud to be a starving artist, and expecting nothing in return for my art, I work with the minimal amount of equipment, all free play store apps, an acoustic guitar, keyboard, maracca, and tambourine, and just recently an electric guitar which was donated to my starving artist fund . Best Is yet To Come #DangerContaminated Danger Contaminated #MykalFontenot