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Born on the cusp of the Gen X and Millennial cohorts, Dazzle Rebel sits in that weird void between young and hip and venerated musical veteran. Out of time and out of place, his music is neither cool nor classic but that's the way he likes it. His sound is heavily influenced by the 90's alternative scene and fringe legends such as Warren Zevon and Captain Beefheart. After two decades as a bass player for hire, he released his debut solo EP “The Attic Transmission” in October 2020. This was followed in December that year by the single “Back Home and Sober”, an ode to those glorious nights on the town, spent in the company of your besties. Another single “Blood Red Valentine” came on 29th January 2021 and another EP will follow this Summer. Dazzle Яebel's music is juxtaposed with social commentary and intimate introspective, asking familiar questions about what it is to be human. It's an alternative post-rock, post-punk, post-grunge, folk-rock, new-wave revival. It's not music by numbers, it's songs from the soul.