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Eldritch Horror formed in 1990 in Raleigh, NC and released two demos, "Dwelling Beneath" in 1991 and "Untouched by the Sun" in 1993. They were also part of King Fowley's first "Midnight Offerings" CD compilation. They built a strong local following and were active in the underground trading and zine scene. They have shared the stage with acts such as Tribulation, Deceased, Malevolent Creation, Epidemic, Cancer, Confessor, False Prophet, Cannabis Corpse, Human Remains, and James Murphy's Disincarnate. After a very long hiatus, Eldritch Horror reformed in 2014 and began playing shows and writing new material. In 2015, they released their long awaited full length debut "Untouched By The Sun" to an unsuspecting world. They are currently playing select shows and preparing to enter the studio to record their follow up album.