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Acoustic singer-songwriter Craig Clark debut album, Sometimes Bewilder. 
 Featuring songs composed in the arrival lounges, train journeys in the Pacific Northwest, and from flights over the Atlantic, Sometimes Bewilder, is an album concerned with the condition of traveling, and indebted to memories of conversations with strangers encountered in far-flung places. 
 Built on a reputation as an engaging performer and insightful songwriter in his native North East over the last 15 years, sharing a stage with Kathryn Williams, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Elvis Perkins and The Lake Poets amongst others. 
 Crafted and touching lyrics have propelled Craig into supporting the likes of Lauren Prichard and Ben Howard. But it is this recent foray into solo traveling which has informed and elevated his latest work. 
 “A lot of the lyrics come from the people I meet. There’s a strange intensity to the human connections you make on solo travelling. It’s as if people are more willing to reveal details about themselves safe in the knowledge that the journey - the moment - is fleeting. Once you arrive at your destination, it’s over.”