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Borg 64

Borg 64

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About this artist

Posted By Borg 64

With their seemingly effortless combination of furious hardcore punk and electronic mayhem, Borg 64 delivers an assault without pardon.

Originally a political drum n bass act started in the late 90s, the temptation to add violent guitars and hysterical vocals quickly won ground, resulting in the eclectic computer rock band that once - quite unapologetically - asked the rhetorical question “Who the hell needs a real drummer anyway?”

With two critically acclaimed releases on the now defunct British label Codebreaker Records behind them, Borg 64 has awoken like a pissed off and slightly drunk grizzly bear after a seven year long hibernation, now ready to feed and/or get down.

Right wing - these songs are for you. **** off, you twats.

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    Stockholm, SE
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    Cologne, DE
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    Furth, DE
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    Bornheim, DE
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    Munich, DE
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    Berlin, DE
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