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Maja Spencer (Serbian: Maja Spenser) Author/Singer/Songwriter/Composer Maja Spencer's

first contact with music was in early childhood. While still a young student, she performed live in Serbia, covering blues, jazz and soul hits. With a career spanning many years, she has achieved success in multiple fields such as literature and entertainment, and is among the few performers whose voice has been compared to that of Amy Winehouse. She is fluent in Serbian, English and Spanish. Spencer writes her own music and lyrics. "I simply hear a complete song in my head before I even start writing it", she said. Spencer's artistry is characterized by a wide voice span, as well as the use of whistle register. Her musical style is eclectic, bringing together different genres such as jazz, soul, RnB, reggae, country and blues. Discography Singles Try Harder (2017) Indestructible (2017) Just a Dream (2017) I'm Yours (2018) Reality (2019) Beautiful 2019 Hard to Forget 2020 Unlaughable Joke 2020 Wrong Turn 2021 Good as New 2021 Never Loved You 2021 Talk to Me 2021 It Ain't Right 2021 Jerk 2021 Our Way 2021 Flirting with Infinity 2021 Albums Indestructible (2017) Just a Dream (2017)