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Lazy Acres is anything but. Currently the hardest working band in Skagit Valley. The band was formed in the ashes of Wes Jones and his hetero lifemate Jeff Spradlin’s previous band, The Brothers Frog. After playing a few shows as a two piece they enlisted the expertise Chief Bass Executive Joe Hayes to spread a thick layer of tasty funk over the growing flames. The sound waves these three created managed to waft their way down to Seattle to be picked up by the precision tuned ears of Percussion Extraordinaire, Trevor Lance. Trevor then decided it was time to hang up his big city apron and make his way home to not only provide the foundation but literally the bells and symbols for the band. Once these 4 supervillains put their minds and talents together, Lazy Acres was forged and the world is better for it. As if Jim Croce met Black Sabbath, Lazy Acres blends hard rock instrumentals and folk lyrics to create music every mother and crazy uncle can enjoy together.