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"'Vallies’ new single It's All Sunshine is a slice of alt-rock heaven." Aussie alternative powerhouses Vallies are notching up their first year as a band today, and to celebrate, they’ve unleashed a scorcher of a new track that’ll send you straight back to the glory days of alternative rock. Fuelled by a surging groove and a rousing lead vocal performance from frontman Barty Charles, ‘It’s All Sunshine’ sees Vallies come into their own on what might just be their most impressive offering to date.  Razor sharp drum and bass fills take the track higher and higher as it rolls on, while Zian Papp’s fancy fretwork slices through the mix at the end to make for one hell of a finale. It’s raw, funky, fiery and loud, and we can’t get enough of it. Mixdown Mag- 16.10.2020 18 months on from their inception, Vallies have spent the past year slowly garnering a name for themselves across South East QLD and Northern NSW. A stream of digital releases supported by some huge live shows across some of the area's best venues has seen the band begin to amass an impressive following of loyal fans. With each release exploring elements of various genres, Vallies implement their trademark groove and energy into new each track. This collaboration helps to create a unique sound inspired by differing musical backgrounds, in turn delivering a live performance that turns heads and makes crowds take notice.