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When Alex Stephens (A.K.A. Strawberry Guy) self-released his debut single last year, he was merely doing it out of a love for songwriting. What he wasn't expecting was a million Youtube streams and an avid fanbase. Now, the South-Wales born, Liverpool-based songwriter is ready to release a full EP of his compelling, lushly produced dream-pop. Born outside Cardiff, Strawberry Guy moved to Liverpool to study music and grow as a writer. 'I knew that it was a very artistic city with all it’s creative history, it seemed like the perfect place to move to.'

he says. Whether it's playing keyboard alone or just being part of the city's growing musical scene, Alex plays music for the love of music, something that heavily translates into his adept songwriting. 'I put out the first single ‘Without You’ on Soundcloud not really expecting much from it.'