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When Mr. Polska (Dominik Włodzimierz Czajka) was only 3 years old, he emigrated from Poland to Utrecht. Inspired by a handful of artists he transformed his rap-dream into reality and bought a washing machine for his mother of his first earned money. In the same year his debut EP ‘De Boswachter’ dropped. Polska was the frontman of label and rap collective ‘Nouveau Riche’. His first album ‘Waardevolle Gezelligheid’ dropped in 2011, contained hits such as ‘Soldaatje’ with Ronnie flex and ‘Allermooiste Feestje’ with Yellow Claw. In 2014, he is able to show his congenital love for nature as a candidate of Expedition Robinson, a popular dutch reality survival gameshow. He became one of the viewers favorites. One year later appears ‘$NOLLER’, his second album that features the golden record ‘Ravotten’. 3voor12 named Mr. Polska’s show at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2015 as one of the best shows of the festival. In 2015 Polska did shows at Pinkpop and Lowlands, together with Major Lazor. His viral and global aura delivered him some international collaborations with Diplo’s ‘Mad Decent’ and ‘Riff Raff’. New big hits as ‘Niemand’ with Ronnie Flex (25 million streams) and ‘Samen’ with Teske (9 million streams) follow. In 2018, his project ‘De Sloper’, that he released at Noah’s Ark is more musical and personal than ever before. In 2019, he scored a number 1 hit in his fatherland also. Together with the Polish artist ‘Malik Montana’ he became nr. 1 trending in YouTube Poland within a week.