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Arctic Death Thrash hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden - Est. 2010 A small town i Northern Norway, Tromsö became the birth place for the band. In 2012 the band had managed to put together their first full length album, Surfing The Apocalypse after the self titled EP ´Dienamic´ was released a year earlier.
 The album turned out great for the freshmen in heavy metal. After heavy promotion the band was offered a Japan tour-deal from their manager at the time. Extreme Metal Over Japan Vol. 2 Became the official start on international terms for the band. Quickly after the return the band wrote their second album Afterlife. This became the first signed release. Worm Whole Death (it) signed the band and contributed for a safe return to Japan for a second tour. After touring eastern Europe, with a support slot for Sepultura in Belgrade and 16 dates of headlining club shows, the time had come for the band to step up their game.