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Progressive symphonic doom duo James Scott and Katrin Brunier of Cyclocosmia are a synesthetic fusion of metal genres, contrasting vocals and masterful composition. Taking influence from Opeth, Ishan, Devin Townsend, Gojira, Draconian and Aryeon. Cyclocosmia was founded in 2011 by British music producer James Scott. Vocalist Katrin Brunier joined the project permanently in August 2017. Their next studio album ,The Snake and the Spider, is due for release late Autumn 2018. Cyclocosmia's music brings progressive elements to crushing, melancholy symphonic doom metal, with unconventional structures, wide dynamics and experimental ideas married to raw emotional power.

"Cyclocosmia have delivered the best 17 minutes of music I’ve heard so far this year ... everything reeks of professionalism, passion and talent" Ever Metal "If you are up to something that is really out of the proverbial metal box, then this EP is for you. And you are in for a treat." Rock Music Raider "Purely phenomenal"- Pagan Hel Reviews "Cyclocosmia bends metal to its whim, intertwining all forms of heavy music to create an EP that mixes melody and brutality to weave an emotional story that will leave fans of extreme music breathless." 1340 Magazine "A must-hear ... dark, emotional and thought-provoking" Dark Art Conspiracy