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Uncompromising, powerful, pissed off but at the same time passionate, emotional and vulnerable: The modern heavy band OF COLOURS is back on the scene with new music. OF COLOURS have a big mouth – in their songs, on stage and aside from it. But even though they’re ready to attack and the tone is a bit rough sometimes, it’s only because this is about affaires of the heart and emotions, whose energy is everything but negative. If you really want to get down to business and speak nothing but the truth, you just can’t consider everyone’s sensitives. For ‘Bleak’ and 'All I Gave', the first new tracks since ‘Entelechy’, OF COLOURS seem to have turned off the lights completely and they proudly present the bruises you can get from the rough edges of their sound. NO EUPHEMISMS. NO BORING, TOO OFTEN HEARD MEDIOCRITY. ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND OPENNESS.