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I spent my childhood in Sochi City, Russia. This city hosted Winter Olympic Games in 2014. I always loved math and sports, taking part in mathematical competitions in middle school. Even though I lived alone since the age of 17, I still had a close relationship with his parents. I graduated from Military Financial University in Yaroslavl City. I worked in army and police as Chief of financial department in Moscow. I am a veteran lieutenant. At University, I got a Master in Kettlebell sport. I also got the 1st rank in 5 km and 2nd rank in 3 km in long distance running. Winner of VII National Scientific Conference of young scientists and students "Youth and economy". After that I got a PhD. In spite of the fact that I always loved the numbers, I was more attracted to something more creative. So I had to start on his own about websites development. I always loved to learn something new because I believe people must evolve. On June of 2018 year I started to learn Swift to develop iOS apps and games. In August 2018, I launched my first app on the App Store. Today you can find 9 games and apps which are available to download. While I worked as a Project Manager for 13 years, I also practiced in development (web and iOS). This is I believe that he should know what progress of his team in development. With all these accomplishments, I also starred in TV ad and TV shows. Today you can find me in Taiwan where I have lived since 2007 year.