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Born and raised in Oakville Ontario Canada, Nicholas Cabraja (Two Roses) took a high interest in music production in high school, listening to orchestral music in a variety of video games, films and trailers. Taking that inspiration and moving into Chill/Lofi Hip-Hop. Nicholas has kept one thing with him when writing and that's feeling. To Nick music isn’t something you just hear. It’s something you feel. "In Endless Nights, that was a connection with someone. Someone who you don't want the night to end with. Hoping for an Endless Night."

The meaning behind Two Roses is a personal statement to Nick. Red is a symbol of romantic love. Purple is a symbol of love at first sight. Nick see’s these two symbols as a reflection of himself. A red rose carries the personality of dedication, patience, reserved and rationality. While the purple rose has the persona of someone who’s impatient, spontaneous and irrational. Nick see’s these traits as characters of himself. However, this doesn’t just apply in romance, but in every day life. “There's always two sides to a person, it’s a constant battle everyone faces within themselves. We have to accept who we are. I’ve befriended my other half, and I feel that sense of personal connection, makes creating music easier.”