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Cliff Stevens is a blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter from Montreal, Canada. He performs and produces his own songs in the blues-rock style. Stevens has toured Europe eight times since 2014 and performs live regularly in Canada and Mexico. 
 Listen to what some people are saying about Cliff Stevens... 
 “Super songs and great guitar from this hard driving and awe-inspiring six-stringer…impressive in a thunderous way.” – BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE (USA) 
"This is a well crafted album of original songs.

Stevens shows us he can write really good songs and deliver them with passion. The guitar sound and playing is outstanding “ – BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE (USA) 
 “Cliff Stevens new album Nobody But You is a strong blues rock album with moving ballads, funky grooves, blistering guitar and excellent vocals…” – ROOTSTIME (Belgium)
 “I am entranced by the all-round performance of Stevens…quality oozes out of every track…every inch a performer in the same mould as Eric Clapton…the quality of his writing, singing and guitar playing…make Grass Won't Grow an album to listen to again and again…this man is totally awesome!” – BLUES MATTERS MAGAZINE (UK)
 “Knowing blues rock inside out and doing it without any clichés...he knows how to get it done right.” - MIDWEST RECORD (USA) 
 “Excellent guitar work…perfect vocal delivery…songs that would please any fan of the genre…a standout offering” – MONTREAL BLUES SOCIETY (Canada)
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