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The New Orleans native first dipped her toe in the music industry as a college student in Nashville, TN. Coming of age in music city, Cole found herself deeply immersed within the country scene, fine-tuning her lyrical chops with some of the industry’s finest. Her early releases garnered attention from Rolling Stone and Huffington Post, and led to touring opportunities with Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, and Kane Brown, just to name a few. In 2017, after being confronted by devastating personal and professional heartbreaks, Cole relocated to California, craving a change of pace. Her new EP, Earthquake, which was released in Summer 2020, presents a collection of sonic diary entries that chronicle her personal, emotional, and spiritual growth over the past few years. While it may be a divergence from her more upbeat, country past, the Earthquake EP is an authentic and captivating reflection of the woman and artist Cole has become. She released Earthquake in conjunction with her podcast, The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole, inspired by the musical and healing frequency, 528hz. The podcast is the perfect combination of spiritual, musical, and scientific, as she speaks about the importance of healing personal limitations within in order to live our most creative, authentic expression as human beings. Her single Earthquake was recorded in the tuning of 528hz, as Courtney has made it her mission to create music that not only heals emotionally, but energetically as well.