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In 1997 Dan Hougesen, Sune Thorbjornsen, Bo Christensen and Tom Lindby merged to form the Natural Born Hippies. A year later, the band was signed to the Danish record label Iceberg Records, and went no. 1 on the radio chart in their home country Denmark. In 1999 the debut album Popshit was released, from which several singles were released. In 2001 the band released the album I Don’t Care, which was only promoted on the basis of the single release of “Best Looking Guy in Town”. This song can also be heard in the video game for the Pixar film Cars. Just a year later, the band's third studio album In Your Dreams, produced by Lutz Rahn and Mark Wills, was another great success. This album, which contained some songs that were already on I Don’t Care, was again promoted through several single releases. In 2005 the Danish band released their fourth studio album called Wake up Calls. In 2018, the band again attracted attention as their song Mandela Under the Sun was chosen a the official charity song for the Nelson Mandela Library Project - a project to build school libraries in South Africa.