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Born & raised in Toronto, Canada, but always felt meant for nature. Melancholic for something simpler. I wonder if you can hear that through my music. I call my genre Soft- Soul. Favourite descriptions of my voice & style have been “sultry and sinuous” and my ability to “imbue humanity and soulfulness into a great tune.” And of course that “my voice sounds like a hug.” (Fun fact: I’m a hugger) I began writing songs on guitar but found piano is where I really feel the music spilling through my fingers. During quarantine, I began playing the harp, though the big dream is to be a drummer because they are definitely having the most fun. Exploration & collaboration are the foundations of my musical journey. My 2018 EP, January, was recorded oldschool, in the studio with a live band. Currently, I am working on my first full-length album, Lullabies for Sleepless Nights, independently within my home-studio. I’m often collaborating with artists, though my most important collaboration is Flõstate, the fantasy R&B duo alongside my limitless musical partner MKSTN. (Only some) musical inspirations for me are Nelly Furtado, Lana Del Rey, Dolly Parton, Bon Iver, Billie Eilish, Lauryn Hill, Sinéad O'Connor & Charlotte Day Wilson. Especially through songwriting, singing & dance, I continue to find myself and in turn better understand others. I know every human is creative and I hope that my music inspires you.