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Yannis Leigsnering, better known by his stage name Warriyo, is an egocentric and self-absorbed idiot who writes his own bio in a third person point of view. While other artists will hire a fancy representative or ask their mom to compile an essay about their life achievements, Yannis thought it'd be hip to pour a little bit of personality up in this About page. Leigsnering has been making music since he was a kid and, unlike 90% of modern electronic musicians, his first inspiration was not Daft Punk. His first memorable encounter with what people call EDM nowadays was in 2006, when he heard the tune Slam by Pendulum while playing MotorStorm on his brand new PlayStation 3 electronic video gaming system. Skip ahead 2 or 3 years and catch Yannis sitting in front of a computer making the finishing touches to his first - and most horribly produced - song ever. Skip ahead another decade to where he's become the most successful musical genius and record producing mastermind the world has ever known. Sort of.