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Alex’ fresh and timeless signature style expertly weaves acoustic, percussive, and vocal elements into his electronic tapestry, painting a warm, soul-stirring and reflective image that simultaneously grounds and uplifts his listeners. Now with millions of listeners across his online platforms, Alex has released over 40 adoringly received podcasts, gaining a rapidly increasing international fan base who eagerly anticipates the next “Deep & Sexy” musical journey from Alex Cruz. A few remarkable places he has played: Amsterdam, Berlin, LA, New York, San Francisco, Washington, London, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Hanoi, Mexico City, Los Cabos, Baja, Lima, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Necker Island, Athens (closing set for a crowd of 20.000 people), Ibiza, Milano, Mykonos, AfrikaBurn, Burning Man and many more cities/venues on this Globe. As a producer Alex is actively producing songs, solely or as collaborations with other talented artists. His remix of Xavier Rudd’s “Follow The Sun”, released by Time / Universal Records in 2016, quickly reached the number 1 position on iTunes in countries such as The Netherlands and Australia. Early 2017 Alex released his version of ‘Sweet Child’ a cover of the international number 1 hit by Guns ’n Roses from back in the 90’s. He reached a lot of international recognition with this version and was on Spotify on more than 25 national Viral charts including the Global Top50. Listen for many more magical tracks to be released soon.