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Corner Gospel Explosion

Corner Gospel Explosion

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Corner Gospel Explosion is an Indie rock, bass / drums duo from Bend, Oregon. Comprised of brothers Brad (Vocals, Drums, Programming) and Tyler (Bass, Guitar) Parsons.

The band began in early 2015 and has gone through many lineup changes. In late 2016 they release the album “JUNE”, the single “Kid Rock was featured on NPR and the Break it Down podcast. The host of Break it Down, Matt Carter: “the only negative thing I can say about them is that they haven’t blown up, they aren’t big yet”. The band has opened for Universal artist Smash Mouth and Sub Pop artist Helio Sequence. In early 2018 the band will be releasing it’s 2nd full length “It’s Hard to be a Kid”, a story that chronicles their childhood growing up in an extreme pentecostal household.

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